Japan Nursery Institute for General Research, INC.

All for children’s smilesThrough child care support, we will contribute in creating smiles for everyone.



Safety and security, daily life training, seasonal events and songs, careful care and food education. These are among the excellent qualities in “Japanese-style childcare” that has gained worldwide attention. Through Japanese-style childcare, we hope to bring smiles to children around the world.

We hope to introduce and expand “Japanese-style childcare” worldwide through training and lectures.
We would like to ask you to join us in creating “a place filled with children’s smiles”.


  • Training

    We offer training in one’s country of choice as well as training in Japan (coming to Japan for training). Out of the 100 types of staff training that we conducts annually, we will assist in getting the right kind of training that matches the skill level of each prospective trainee. If the trainee prefers to come to Japan for training, we can arrange on-site training. On-site training will give trainees more in-depth insight and understanding of Japanese-style childcare through actual environments that will enable them to learn and discover many things that are lacking in classroom training.
  • Lectures

    Lectures on “Japanese-style childcare” are provided upon request. Participants may choose from any of the different themes which are features of Japanese-style childcare, such as safety and security, daily life training, seasonal events and songs, careful care and food education.
  • School Visits

    Visits to our facilities in Japan are available. This service is recommended to those who are planning on opening child-care facilities, or those who want to experience Japanese-style childcare on site, as well as those who don’t have much image about Japanese-style childcare.
  • International Online Exchange

    The program is an international exchange program that connects child-caring support facilities such as (nursery schools, kids clubs, child centers) operated by the group throughout Japan, with overseas child-caring facilities, online. Children can expand their worldview and learn about diversity by interacting with other cultures and friends from various countries, while staying at the facility. Children can deepen their understanding and interest in their own cultures, by studying their own greetings and cultures, as a preparation. Our staff will support the preparation for the international online exchange meeting and the progress of the program.
    >>About International Online Exchange

Why Choose Us:

  • 1

    Giving priority to
    safety and security

    Maintaining a safe and secure childcare environment is a priority in all of our corporate activities. We make full use of the methods we have accumulated, both hardware and software, to protect the precious lives of children.
  • 2

    A place that will
    always be memorable

    We value each day of childcare and through our facilities, hoping to create fond memories that children can look back on and cherish even as they become adults.To help stimulate children’s mental development, we offer seasonal events as well as programs tailored for children’s growth.
  • 3

    Extensive track record

    Our group company operates more than 200 nursery schools and over 80 after-school clubs and children’s houses in Japan, which bears testament to its commitment and extensive track record in this field. Utilizing our experience, we would like to extend our know-how and experience to meet various demands of our customers.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q.How do you price your services?

    A.The fee varies depending on the request made. Qare given free of charge, so feel free to contact us.

  • Q.In which countries do you provide services?

    A.Our consultants/specialist offer services in many countries around the globe.
    Please be informed that initial meetings will take place via telephone or web-conference.

  • Q.In what language is the service available?

    A.Inquiries are accepted in 2 languages, namely Chinese and Vietnamese. The service will be provided mainly in Japanese and an interpreter may be used for other languages.


Company Name Japan Nursery Institute for General Research, INC.
Head Office 17F Chikusa New Tower Bldg., 3-15-31 Aoi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi Aichi, Japan

Tokyo Office 5F Shinagawa Season Terrace, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan
Business Areas Nursery Service
Gymnastics, English, Dance and Eurhythmics Schools Contracting Service
Distribution Service
Researching and Training Service
Operation of “codomel,” a child-raising support platform
Date of Establishment March 1, 2013
Capital 10million yen(JP-HOLDINGS, INC. wholly owned subsidiary)
President and Representative Director Tohru Sakai